We share the fun of glamping

Bookaglamping launches global glamping site


“Our goal is to become the largest portal for glamping lovers around the world and share the fun of the next level camping”, says Pepijn Niesten, co-founder of Bookaglamping.com. And with over 100 luxury camping locations they seem to be well on the way. Bookaglamping.com offers off the grid accommodations - varying from yurts to tipi’s – with a service level that can compete with a 5-star hotel. “Some of them even offer air conditioning and a hot-tub.”


“We believe that camping can be a glamorous experience, with all the benefits of a luxurious apartment or hotel. But most important is that the accommodations listed on our website offer still a true outdoor feeling. We connect to those who are looking for something more special”, says Niesten. “Yes, you may call it escapism from the ordinary.”


A trend with history

Don’t be fooled by the fact that glamping has become increasingly popular in the last few years. The first records of ‘glamorous camping’ date back to the early 1900’s when wealthy travellers roamed Europe and Africa where they used glamping-like accommodations.


The good thing is that this type of adventurous recreation is now not only something the rich and famous can afford. On the contrary: a lot of the semi-permanent glamping accommodations are very affordable and perfectly of family holidays.


The benefits of glamping

When it comes to camping ‘traditional style’, there’s a good chance that you really love it, or absolutely hate it. Bookaglamping.com tries to win the hearts and minds of the last group by offering a vast number of benefits.


No more muddy business during your holiday


Niesten: “An important issue for a lot of people is the fact that staying at a campsite can be a rather wet and muddy activity. The accommodations listed on our platform have a solid floor, generally made of wood. This gives a completely different feeling, and a more ‘homely’ atmosphere. Another important benefit is the size and height of the rentals. There’s no need to duck when walking through a yurt, dome, tipi or luxury hut. And of course the general level of luxury is so much higher.”


Save valuable holiday time


Apart from the many material advantages of glamping, there’s another huge benefit that appeals to many travellers: time. Niesten: “When you’re going on a traditional camping holiday, there’s a good chance that you loose two days on packing, unpacking and putting up your tent. And when going home it’s the same story in reverse. The loss of these valuable holiday days is history when booking a glamping accommodation. Just pack your suitcases, don’t worry about tents or caravans, and start your holiday as soon as you arrive at one of our many great destinations!”


Enjoy your stay!