HolidayHack: make choosing accommodation together easy

Meet HolidayHack: Your Ultimate Tool for Selecting Holiday Accommodations!

Planning group holidays can be a challenge with endless discussions, emails, and trying to reconcile everyone’s preferences. What if there’s a novel web app promising to streamline and enliven this process? Welcome to HolidayHack!

What is HolidayHack?

HolidayHack is a groundbreaking web application aimed at simplifying the selection of group holiday accommodations. Say goodbye to misplaced emails and cluttered chats. HolidayHack organizes all your options in one spot, facilitating efficient and inclusive decision-making.


How Does It Work?

It’s as straightforward as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Build Your List: Start by creating a list where all the fun begins.

  2. Insert Listings: After list creation, start adding URLs of appealing accommodations. Discovered a charming houseboat on or an magnificent treehouse resort on (or any other website)? Simply include the link to your HolidayHack list!

  3. Distribute & Collaborate: Disseminate your list's URL to your fellow travelers. They can contribute listings, ensuring a comprehensive consideration of everyone’s likes.

Features to Adore:

  • Endorse Your Favorites: Each list member can endorse their favored listings by upvoting the listings she/ he likes.

  • Cost Input: Inputting the listing price aids in budgeting, keeping everyone financially aligned and avoiding unforeseen surprises.

Why Opt for HolidayHack?

Inclusive Decision-Making: Everyone contributes! All group members can add and endorse listings, promoting a just and inclusive selection process.

Streamlining: Eliminate the need for multiple platforms, chats, spreadsheets, and emails. Consolidate everything in one locale for a swift, seamless experience.

Financial Clarity: The cost input feature provides transparency, ensuring the final selection suits everyone’s budget.

Versatility: From weekend escapes with friends to large family reunions, HolidayHack accommodates groups of all sizes.

In Conclusion..

The excitement of an upcoming trip should define holiday planning, not coordination stress. With, rediscover the delight in organizing vacations. When the responsibility of securing ideal accommodation falls on you, remember, there’s a hack for that - HolidayHack!

Wishing you joyful journeys and selections! 🌍✈️🏠 - Simplifying Joint Accommodation Selection