Glamping with kids made easy

Glamping with kids: the best of both worlds!

Remember building a tent in the kitchen, garden or woods when you were a kids? There was simply nothing more fun, exciting and rewarding creating your temporary home. Kids grow old, but the feeling remains – and that’s why camping is so popular. The only downside: building and maintaining a proper tent during a holiday is quite a job. And that’s where glamping comes in: the perfect solution for a great holiday with kids, without the hustle and bustle.

You probably recognize the work that is involved with going on a camping holiday. Even before you have packed your car and caravan, you have been busy for a few days. A glamping holiday solves that issue: you simply don’t need a tent because your amazing accommodation is already waiting for you at the camping of your choice.

A glamping holiday is perfect for a vacation with kids
Glamping is the perfect way of having a great holiday with the fun of camping and the comfort of a luxury hotel or apartment. (photo:

The real deal: tipi’s and wigwams

There’s a wide variety of accommodations that can be found on a typical glamping holiday with kids, but a few specific tents really stand out. First of all there’s the tipi, or wigwam, probably the most iconic tents of all. This ‘Indian’ tent is the original home of Native Americans in the United States who used a tipi (this one is originally covered with bison skins or canvas) or wigwam (bark layered).

Camping tipi or wigwam
Staying in a tipi or wigwam with your kids is an experience for the whole family never to forget! (photo:

Those days are over, but you can still experience what it must have been like to live in such a tent: the glamping tipi. Of course the level of amenities has been changed quite a bit: don’t be surprised to find comfortable beds, a fridge, gas cooker and sometimes even air conditioning!

The dream of every kid: live in a wigwam for a few days!
Interior of a modern tipi on the glamping in Brynteg. (photo:

Gypsy wagon and sheppard huts

Circus and gypsy life is appealing to kids: travel from place to place along with your animal friends and have fun with other clowns. So if you really want to surprise your kids, choose to stay at circus or gypsy wagon and allow yourself to be a clown of a few days. A great alternative is the Sheppard hut, quite popular all through the UK.

Kids love gypsy carts and circus wagons
Ever imagined what it would be like to live in a gypsy wagon? We love to make it happen in Dorsett at Farrs lodge! (photo:

So go glamping with your kids!

For the best impression of all the options to go glamping with your kids, scroll through the website. Choose a great property and contact the owner, and who knows you will be experiencing the best glamping holiday you can imagine. Experience the sense of freedom, enjoy your family with the thrill of camping and the comfort of glamping!

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